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Dual education as a solution to the employment of vulnerable women

Dual education as a solution to the employment of vulnerable women in Bolivia 

La Paz (Bolivia), August 2021 - October 2022 on-site

February - August 2024 on-line

Bolivian women living in poverty, working in informal and self-employed jobs, many of them single heads of households, make up one of the most vulnerable groups in the crisis caused by COVID-19.

The CEFIM Technical Institute has been promoting equal access to education for women for more than 30 years. This project proposes the pedagogical reengineering of the educational center towards a Dual Education model, appropriate to the Bolivian context, in order to guarantee a high quality technical education offer, with attention to the specific demands of the Bolivian labor market.

Likewise, the synergic integration of the company La Especiería as a production unit and practical business training campus is proposed, which directly contributes to the improvement of the teaching processes and institutional self-sustainability.

With the support of the Limmat Foundation and the Fundación Parentes, Emma Schib, an expert from DESK Hospitality, has traveled in 2021 and 2022 to Bolivia to lead the institutional transformation processes and train the CEFIM team and the La Especiería company to achieve the integrated actions.

An online mentoring programme from DESK Hospitality is planned for 2024 to strengthen the skills of the CEFIM management team in specific areas of the dual system.

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