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Raising the standards of living of disadvantaged young women

Raising the standards of living of disadvantaged

young women in the Nairobi slums. 

Accreditation of the Kibondeni Certificate Course 

based on the Swiss Dual Training System

​Nairobi (Kenya), November 2017 - November 2018

Kibondeni College of Catering and Hospitality Management is a project of Nurisha Trust- a not for profit organisation committed to the education and welfare of women in Kenya. Its primary aim is to improve the standards of living of young women from low income backgrounds by providing them with the requisite technical skills to enable them to be self-reliant.

Kibondeni is a Swahili word meaning a small fertile valley. It has become an icon of hope fostering youthful dreams whose realization are gradually changing the society of Kenya.

The Kibondeni Certificate course was tailor made to offer skills intensive operational course to young women who because of the adverse conditions of poverty in which they carried out their secondary school education, did not manage to attain the minimum grade required to register for the Craft and Diploma Courses or whose financial constraints required that they begin to earn an income as soon as possible.

The Kibondeni College Governing Body has selected the Swiss Dual Training System as a template for Kibondeni Certificate course and proposes DESK Hospitality to approve its curriculum and certify this course. DESK Hospitality has been chosen based on its vast experience with the dual training Swiss System. The project is co-financed by the Limmat Foundation.

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